macOS is a powerful operating system known for its sleek design and user-friendly interface. Many users of Apple products, such as MacBook and iMac, often look for software that can provide detailed information about their system's hardware and software components, similar to AIDA64 on Windows.

Although AIDA64 is not available for macOS, there are several alternatives that can help users gather comprehensive information about their Mac. One popular choice is iStat Menus, which provides real-time monitoring of various system parameters, including CPU, memory, network, and disk usage.

Another alternative is HWMonitor, a reliable software solution that displays detailed information about hardware sensors on Mac computers. It allows users to monitor temperatures, voltage, and fan speeds, providing an insight into their system's health and performance.

For those looking for a more advanced system diagnostics tool, apps like Macs Fan Control and Intel Power Gadget can be helpful. These tools offer in-depth system monitoring and control features, allowing users to adjust fan speed, CPU power usage, and analyze detailed system statistics.

While there is no exact equivalent to AIDA64 for macOS, these mentioned alternatives can provide Mac users with valuable insights into their system's performance and help troubleshoot any potential issues they may encounter.

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