Мacs running the Mac OS store their program data in various locations on the system. One of the primary locations is the Applications folder, where the installed program files are stored. Each program typically has its own folder or package within this directory.

Another important location is the user's Library folder, which contains application support files, preferences, and other program-specific data. The ~/Library folder is hidden by default, but can be accessed by holding down the Option key and clicking the "Go" menu in Finder.

In addition, macOS utilizes the System Library folder (/Library) to store shared resources and files accessible to all users on the system. This includes system-wide preferences, frameworks, and plugins used by various applications.

Furthermore, temporary files, caches, and other data generated by applications can be found in the /Library/Caches and /private/var/folders directories, respectively.

It's important to note that the specific locations for program data can vary depending on the version of macOS and the individual application. Therefore, it's always recommended to consult the documentation or support resources provided by the software developers for more precise information.

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