Mac OS, the operating system developed by Apple Inc., is primarily written in the C programming language. C is a powerful and versatile language known for its efficiency and low-level programming capabilities. It provides direct access to hardware components and is widely used for developing system software.

In addition to C, Mac OS also incorporates elements from other programming languages. Objective-C, a superset of C, is extensively used for macOS application development, and Swift, a modern programming language developed by Apple, is gaining popularity for its simplicity and safety features.

C and its derivatives play a crucial role in the kernel and low-level components of Mac OS, handling tasks such as memory management, device drivers, and system resource allocation.

However, it's important to note that Mac OS is a complex and evolving operating system, and Apple may use other programming languages for specific purposes or components. The precise combination of languages may vary across different macOS versions and updates.

Overall, C serves as the foundation for Mac OS, providing the necessary power and control over hardware, while other languages like Objective-C and Swift contribute to the development of user-facing applications and higher-level functionalities.

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