MacBook Pro 2017 has encountered a few issues that users have reported. One common problem is related to the keyboard. Some users experienced sticky keys or keys that stop working altogether. This issue could be quite frustrating, especially for those who rely heavily on their keyboards.

Another problem faced by MacBook Pro 2017 users is the display. Some users have noticed a phenomenon called "staingate," where anti-reflective coating on the display starts to wear off, leaving visible marks or stains. This issue affects the visual experience and can require a costly repair.

Battery life is yet another concern for MacBook Pro 2017 owners. Several users have reported that the battery drains faster than expected or doesn't hold a charge effectively. This problem can limit the portability of the device and require frequent charging or battery replacement.

Overheating is also an issue with some MacBook Pro 2017 models. When performing intensive tasks, such as video editing or running resource-intensive software, the laptop can get excessively hot, leading to reduced performance or even unexpected shutdowns.

Lastly, some users have reported issues with the USB-C ports on the MacBook Pro 2017. Problems include connectivity issues or devices not being recognized consistently. These issues can be inconvenient for users who rely on these ports for various peripherals or external storage.


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